Supply of Electric Vehicles and Charging Station in the Municipality of Andros


MES ENERGY S.A. undertook the supply and installation of electric vehicles and of a system (urban equipment) for the charging of the vehicles using solar power, in the community of Andros. In particular, the company undertook the supply of a small electric bus and six (6) small electric vehicles. Additionally, the company undertook the procurement and installation of a power generation system for the 2 charging stations, in Gavrio and in the Chora of Andros island, as well as the installation of all the necessary micromaterial, such as cables, groundings etc. MES ENERGY S.A. was responsible for the Project Management, for the study and design of the charging shelters, for the monitor of the progress and for the quality inspection of the supplied equipment, for the conduction of tests and measurements of the electromechanical equipment, for the design and check of the communication systems of the 2 charging stations, as well as for the commissioning of the stations. Each station has a total installed power of 4.5 kWp and appropriate dimensions for 2 parking spots.


  • 1 small electric bus
  • 6 small electric vehicles
  • 2 charging stations with 4.5 kWp power and 2 parking spots