Supply and Installation of a PV Power Unit at the Kilkis Municipal Enterprise for Water Supply and Sewerage


MES ENERGY S.A. undertook the design, procurement, installation and commissioning of a PV Power Unit, with a total capacity of 493,56 kWp, in the area of Profitis Ilias, within the Municipality of Kilkis. This Station was constructed on the premises of the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Kilkis Municipal Enterprise for Water Supply and Sewerage and operates using the Net-Metering mechanism.

Net-Metering is a key tool in promoting self-generation and self-consumption using Renewable Energy Sources. With Net-Metering, consumers can cover a significant portion of their own energy needs, while any excess energy produced beyond their immediate requirements can be fed back into the grid for future use.

The Kilkis Municipal Enterprise for Water Supply and Sewerage is a high-energy-consuming organization, with an annual energy consumption equivalent to 880,832.32 kWh. The installation of the PV Station will lead to annual energy savings of 768,472.92 kWh, which accounts for approximately 87% of their current consumption. Furthermore, this project is expected to result in a substantial reduction in carbon emissions and related costs.

To ensure efficient operation, MES ENERGY S.A. installed an advanced electronic monitoring, control and data collection system, enabling remote oversight of the station’s performance. The company will also handle maintenance for a duration of 10 years, ensuring smooth operation, timely fault detection and immediate solution of any kind of problems. The project was commissioned on Wednesday, April 5, 2023.



  • Total power 493,56 kWp
  • Net-Metering
  • 87% energy savings