Supply and Installation of 114 autonomous LED luminaires in the Municipality of Ios


MES ENERGY S.A. undertook, on behalf of the Municipality of Ios, the supply, installation, and commissioning of 114 LED lighting fixtures. These autonomous fixtures are powered by batteries that are charged using a PV panel placed on their pole.

The LED luminaires will be installed at critical points along the municipal road network, where visibility is low and driving conditions are challenging. Additionally, they will be placed on narrow roads, particularly in the port area, where there is high pedestrian and vehicle traffic. By strategically locating the LED luminaires, the Municipality aims to enhance safety and visibility for pedestrians and vehicles.

The LED lighting fixtures not only provide better visibility but also withstand adverse weather conditions and offer the best possible quality and aesthetic results. Additionally, by adopting lighting technologies that minimize energy consumption, the environment is protected, and sustainable development is promoted.


  • 114 autonomous LED luminaires
  • Municipality of Ios
  • Renewable Energy Sources