Provision of Consulting Services for the Development of an Energy Efficiency Improvement Plan for Buildings in the Municipality of Eretria


MES ENERGY S.A. undertook the technical and scientific support of the Municipality of Eretria in the development of an Energy Efficiency Improvement Plan for Buildings (reffered to as SEAK). This plan outlines specific objectives and strategies to conserve energy and improve energy efficiency across a selection of municipal structures.

During the implementation of SEAK, the company undertook several key tasks. These include conducting a thorough assessment of the existing conditions, presenting a detailed analysis of the unique characteristics of the municipality’s building installations (including construction year, surface area, usage, and energy consumption, categorizing eligible buildings based on specific energy and social criteria, conducting a techno-economic analysis of feasible energy enhancement scenarios using macroeconomic and financial methodologies, defining an energy-saving goal and establishing an achievable action plan, examining potential financing mechanisms and establishing a comprehensive project monitoring plan.

The existing municipal facilities include buildings of various uses (offices, services, schools, etc.) with different energy requirements and consumption patterns. For their operation, the Municipality expends significant financial resources each year due to high energy consumption to cover needs such as cooling, heating, lighting, and hot water usage. With the implementation of the energy management system, a reduction in primary energy consumption by 42.3% and in carbon dioxide emissions by 43.2% is expected by 2027. Βesides the predicted economic gains from these energy-related actions, the expected decrease in energy use will result in positive environmental and social outcomes.



  • Energy Efficiency Improvement Plan for Buildings
  • Municipality of Eretria
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