Provision of Services for the Development of an Electric-Vehicle Charging Plan in the Municipality of Iera Polis Messolonghi


MES ENERGY S.A. undertook the scientific support of the Municipality of Iera Polis Messolonghi in the development of an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Plan. The primary objective of this service is the creation of a well-designed network of publicly accessible EV charging stations, both standard and high-power, as well as EV parking spaces within the municipal boundaries.

In the process of executing the EV Charging Plan, the company undertook several key tasks. These include conducting a thorough assessment of the existing conditions, presenting and mapping the intervention area, providing a detailed overview of the installation points for charging stations and EV parking spaces, and ultimately identifying the most optimal strategy for establishing a holistic EV charging network. Finally, MES ENERGY S.A. provided a relevant financial model in the form of a Master Plan, along with a method for effectively monitoring the EV Charging Infrastructure.

The aim of this action is, on the one hand, the integration of the electromobility network into the wider sustainable mobility system of the Municipality and, on the other hand, to raise awareness about the benefits of sustainable urban mobility, while emphasizing on the use of electric vehicles (private cars, bicycles, public transport) as means of transportation.

The adoption of electromobility brings about multiple environmental and social benefits, related to zero air and noise pollution, better vehicle performance compared to conventional means, relatively lower operational costs and savings in public expenses. Simultaneously, it creates a more sustainable, efficient and citizen-friendly urban landscape.


  • Electric-Vehicle Charging Plan
  • Municipality of Iera Polis Messolonghi
  • Consulting services in design matters