Provision of Consulting Services for the Establishment of an Energy Community in the Municipality of Chersonissos


MES ENERGY S.A. provided consulting services for the establishment of an Energy Community in the Municipality of Chersonissos, situated in the Region of Crete, in accordance with Law 4513/2018. The company’s responsibilities included conducting a study and documentation of the existing situation, as well as exploring optimal energy-saving practices, innovative business models, and diverse financing opportunities. Additionally, MES ENERGY S.A. supported the Municipality in preparing a technical dossier outlining the terms for connecting a proposed Photovoltaic project, formulated the statute for the Energy Community, and created informative content to highlight the benefits of this initiative.

Energy Communities are cooperative entities with an exclusive goal of advancing social and solidarity-based economics and innovation within the energy sector. They aim to tackle energy poverty, promote energy sustainability, engage in energy production, storage, self-consumption, distribution, and supply, enhance energy self-sufficiency and security in island municipalities, as well as improve energy efficiency both locally and regionally.

The Municipality of Chersonissos is a high-energy-consuming organization that spends significant amounts of money to cover its energy needs. Thus, this project aims to achieve maximum energy and cost savings through the utilization of Renewable Energy Sources and at the same time support vulnerable citizens living below poverty lines.

As part of this endeavor, the installation of RES Stations is proposed, utilizing the Net-Metering mechanism, specifically through virtual sharing. This approach allows the Municipality to allocate a portion of the energy generated by the Energy Community’s RES Station to offset the energy consumption of vulnerable citizens, leading to a reduction in their energy costs. It’s worth noting that the implementation of Energy Community measures is expected to result in annual energy savings of around 70%, significant reduction in CO₂ emissions (5,400 tons), and financial savings (€700,000).

MES ENERGY S.A. provided specialized technical and scientific support to the Municipality of Chersonissos for the implementation of this project, suggesting innovative solutions that promote sustainability and will have a long-term positive impact on the Municipality and the environment.


  • Municipality of Chersonissos
  • Over 70% energy savings
  • Innovative Renewable Energy solutions