Procurement of Electric Vehicles and Fast Charging Stations in the Municipality of Chania


MES ENERGY S.A. undertook, on behalf of the Municipality of Chania, the procurement of five state-of-the-art electric buses, a cleaning vehicle and two fast electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, capable of serving eight EVs simultaneously. The company also took responsibility for the maintenance of the equipment for one year, ensuring its smooth operation, timely detection of faults, and immediate resolution of any issues.

The new electric buses can transport at least forty passengers, including minimum 15 seated, with provisions for a wheelchair user and are designed to provide maximum comfort for all. They also feature ramps to facilitate boarding and disembarking for individuals using wheelchairs. With a range of over 150 kilometers per charge, these buses will be used for Chania’s municipal public transportation system to connect peripheral parking areas with the city center.

Regarding the electric street and sidewalk cleaner, its operational autonomy exceeds ten hours, and its noise level does not go beyond 55 dB, allowing its use even during quiet hours. This specific machine will be integrated into the Municipality of Chania’s cleaning department and will be employed for cleaning public spaces. Additionally, all vehicles are connected to a unified platform for monitoring energy flows (consumption and energy absorption) and fleet management.

The procurement of these six vehicles and two fast chargers represents the initial significant step toward a broader and integrated approach to sustainable mobility for the Municipality of Chania. The adoption of electric mobility is expected to significantly contribute to the improvement of life quality for residents and visitors, as it reduces atmospheric and noise pollution, minimizes CO₂ emissions, and promotes more efficient energy use.


  • Electromobility
  • Municipality of Chania
  • Procurement of 6 electric vehicles and 2 fast charging stations