Outdoor Lighting Upgrade at National Technical University of Athens


MES ENERGY S.A. undertook the task of upgrading the outdoor lighting at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) premises in Zografou. This project involved the procurement and installation of 1374 modern LED lighting fixtures to illuminate streets, sidewalks, buildings, bike lanes, squares, common areas, and parking spaces within the campus. MES ENERGY S.A. aslo provided new wiring, components, and electrical equipment to ensure the proper functioning of the lighting installations.

As part of the energy upgrade, a lighting management and control system was also installed. This system allows independent control of each lighting fixture (ON/OFF), dimming to adjust the light intensity, grouping of fixtures for coordinated operation, monitoring of performance, measuring actual energy consumption, and sending notifications in case of malfunctions.

The switch from energy-consuming Sodium lamps to energy-efficient LED lighting resulted in impressive energy savings of 76.83%, as the total consumption of conventional lamps was 231.012 kW, while the new LED fixtures only consume around 86.932 kW.

Beyond the energy and cost savings, the LED lighting brought other benefits such as improved road safety, enhanced aesthetics, greater reliability, significantly longer lifespan (10+ years), reduced maintenance requirements, and minimized light pollution.

MES ENERGY S.A., as a member of the association “MES ENERGY S.A. – PETROS STATHAS,” successfully delivered the energy project within the specified timeline, assumed responsibility for its maintenance for one year and also provided training to the personnel of the National Technical University of Athens.

For more information visit: ntua.gr/el/news/announcements/item/3283-fotismos-perivallontos-xorou-polytexneioypolis-zografou-tou-emp


  • 1374 LED Luminaires
  • National Technical University of Athens
  • 76,83% energy savings