Supply and Installation of Led Lighting in the Arsakeio Building, a Monument of Architectural, Cultural and Historical Value


In November 2021, the company undertook “the supply and installation of led lighting in the Arsakeio building, a monument of architectural, cultural and historical value”. In specific MES ENERGY S.A. accomplished the supply of 142 luminaires, using LED technology, from 5 to 10W.

In particular, 110 spot lamps were placed on the outside of the building, 68 of which have a narrow light beam while the remaining 42 have elliptical light beam. They were placed on the facades of the building between the ground floor openings and the second floor as well as in the corners of the building on the second-floor level. Furthermore, at the vertical edges of the building and around it, 24 narrow light beam lamps were installed with the ability to fluctuate their intensity. Finally, 8 more underfloor LED fixtures were added to the courtyard of the area, which serve the lighting of the palm trees and the entrance.

This specific building, is a monument of architectural, cultural and historical value, since it is dated back to 1892, when distinguished citizens of Patras submitted a request to the Philekpaideutiki Etairia for the foundation of a school for girls.

Therefore, the implementation of the interventions was aimed at highlighting the building’s aesthetics. The placement of all LED lighting bodies was in line with their harmonization with the surrounding while maintaining a distinctive character while covering the need for energy saving.


  • 142 LED Luminaires