Integrated System for the Measuring and Recording of Electric and Thermal Energy and Energy Saving Automations in Building of the Hellenic Ministry of National Defence


MES ENERGY S.A. undertook the supply, installation, good working order demonstration and training of the technical personnel in using integrated systems for the measuring and recording of electric and thermal energy and energy saving automations in ERMIS dormitory building of the 110th Battle Wing in Larissa. In the building, electricity meters, thermal meters (for measuring the thermal energy consumed in heating of the spaces and in the production of DHW and for measuring the thermal energy produced by the central thermal heating system) and an energy saving automation system (concerning a boiler compensation system with outdoor temperature control) were installed. All the above systems and equipment are connected by an automation system with a central computer.


  • Electricity and thermal meters
  • Energy saving automation system
  • Hellenic Ministry of National -Defence