Installation of PV Systems on Water Tanks of O.A.K. S.A. and Autonomy of Water Pumping Stations


MES ENERGY S.A. undertook the provision and installation of PV systems and autonomous pumps in a water pumping station of the Organisation for the Development of Crete (O.A.K. S.A.). The purpose of the above project is the installation of PV systems on water tanks for the operation of new electric pumps, with the aim of pumping water using solar energy. The project includes a PV system with a total installed power of 136.68 kWp and a new water pumping station consisting of 3 IE3 class pumps with a power of 37 kW each. In the aforementioned project, the company undertook the provision of specialised services, such as the Project Management, the study and development of the autonomous pumping system, the monitor of the project and the quality control of the supplied orders, as well as the conduct of tests and measurements on the electromechanical equipment. In addition, MES ENERGY S.A. was responsible for the project construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance, through the conduct of specialised measurements of the hydraulic and electric qualities.

The project is presented below:


  • PV system with a power of 136.68 kWp
  • 3 IE3 class pumps with a power of 37 kW each
  • On water tanks of O.A.K. S.A.