Supply and Maintenance of an Electric Bus and a Charging Station in the Municipality of Paphos


MES ENERGY S.A. undertook the supply of a fully electric bus, with at least 20 seats, access and space for one wheelchair and a seat for the transport of bicycles, as well as its maintenance, preventive or corrective, for a period of two years. At the same time, the company was responsible for the training of drivers and technicians from the Municipality of Paphos in the use and operational parameters of the vehicle. In addition, MES ENERGY S.A. was entrusted with the supply and installation of a fast charging station for electric vehicles, as well as its maintenance for a period of two years. Regarding the charging station, which was installed in full operational mode in a public site in the Municipality of Paphos, the company was responsible for the execution of all the necessary electrical, construction and technical work required for its installation, as well as for the preparation of electrical studies, in order to ensure its proper operation.


  • 1 electric bus
  • 1 charging station
  • Municipality of Paphos, Cyprus