Supply and Installation of a Charging Station using Solar Energy at the AUA


MES ENERGY S.A. undertook the supply and installation of a charging system (urban equipment) for electric vehicles using solar energy in the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA). In more detail, the company delivered a charging station with PV panels with a total power of 5 kW and accumulators with a capacity of 2160 Ah. The PV system providing electricity to the charging station is accompanied by all the necessary guarantees and is in accordance with european quality standards. The PV system is also accompanied by the necessary inverters and microgrid inverters, that have an external communication interface in order to configure their operational parameters through a computer and to control potential errors of operation. All the necessary groundings, protections, AC and DC panels were also installed. The charging station offers parking spaces for 10 electric bicycles, with accumulators of 10 Ah capacity, 50 km autonomy and maximum speed of 25 km/h, as well as for an electric bus with 16 seats, 45 km/h maximum speed and 120 km autonomy.

The project is presented below:


  • EV charging station
  • PV system with 5 kW power
  • Accumulators with 2160 Ah capacity