Provision of Services for the Development of an Electric Vehicle Charging Plan in the Municipality of Chania


MES ENERGY S.A. undertook on behalf of the Municipality of Chania, the development of an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Plan. The objective of this service is to provide consulting support in order for the Municipality to implement a modern, sustainable, functional and efficient electric vehicle charging system, thus promoting the advancement of electromobility.

In the process of executing the EV Charging Plan, the company undertook several key tasks. These include conducting a thorough assessment of the existing conditions, presenting and mapping the intervention area, providing a detailed overview of the installation points for charging stations and EV parking spaces, and ultimately identifying the most optimal strategy for establishing a holistic EV charging network. Finally, MES ENERGY S.A. provided a relevant financial model in the form of a Master Plan, along with a method for effectively monitoring the EV Charging Infrastructure.

In the realization of the EV Charging Plan, the urban and traffic characteristics of the area and the current development of publicly accessible infrastructure were taken into account. The proposed recharging points will serve the charging needs of all categories of electric vehicles (private cars, bicycles, wheelchairs, buses) at least for the next 5 years.

This initiative opens new paths towards achieving sustainable urban mobility, effectively contributing to the reduction of noise pollution and CO₂ emissions in the transport sector and encouraging citizens to purchase an electric or hybrid vehicle given that appropriate publicly accessible charging infrastructure will now be available.



  • Electric Vehicle Charging Plan
  • Municipality of Chania
  • Consulting services in design matters