Supply and Installation of a PV Power Station on the roof of ADAM PACK


MES ENERGY S.A. undertook, on behalf of ESCO Partners, the development, study, construction, installation and commissioning of a PV Power Station in the area of Panormos in Lavrio. More precisely, 700 photovoltaic panels , with a total power of 462 kWp, were installed on the roof of ADAM PACK, an industrial company specializing in the production of liquid food packaging and plastic caps. This Station, operating through the Net Metering mechanism, is expected to generate 657,000 kWh of renewable electricity, covering 14% of the annual consumption, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 297 tCO₂ annually. The project was completed within the specified time limits and in accordance with Greek and International standards (ΕΛΟΤ, IEC). It was successfully commissioned on Wednesday, February 1, 2023.

The ADAM PACK building primarily uses electricity for its operational needs, as well as for air conditioning and heating purposes. However, with the operation of the PV Station, a significant reduction in electricity consumption is expected (over 30%). In this way, maximum energy savings and a simultaneous reduction in the building’s operational expenses, will be achieved. Moreover, by optimizing energy efficiency, the project aims to promote sustainability and the adoption of environmentally friendly practices.


  • Total power 462 kWp
  • Location "Panormos" in Lavrio
  • Over 30% reduction in electricity consumption