GRASP – MED Application Demonstration Action plan for the Energy Upgrade of Selected Municipal Buildings in the Municipality of Spata – Artemida


MES ENERGY S.A. undertook the provision of Supporting Consultant services in the development of an action plan with pilot application terms of the findings of the GRASP project, and in particular, of the platform for the selection of “green” products / technologies, with application in the buildings: 1st Primary School of Artemida, 5th Primary School of Artemida.

Cultural Center of Spata “Christos Bekas”. The services included the diagnosis, mapping, investigation of the energy state of the above buildings, the evaluation of the impact of alternative renovation scenarios with the application of basic energy saving and RES technologies using the GRASP – MED platform and taking into account the energy and financial indicators, the optimum scenario selection, the support of the Municipality in the preparation of the tender documents of the Project.


  • GRASP - MED application
  • Buildings of the Municipality of Spata - Artemida
  • Optimum scenario selection in Energy Saving and RES